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After watching 60 Minutes I learnt that officers are taught how to shoot to kill. Wow! In other words they are taught not to think but react.

Was the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher a wrongful death — influenced by race — or the outcome of Crutcher’s actions?

Before Terence Crutcher got to his car Officer Betty Shelby should have Tasered him Officer Betty Shelby had a mission to protect and serve the public not to kill who are not able to comply.

I truly believed Officers were there to serve and protect but the more I looked into the details STUPID came up again and again.

Not everyone needs to be shot we are not all criminals.

There are people who are drunk; on drugs; deaf; old and infirm; those who can drive but  use wheelchairs; those with epileptic fits how do they comply?

Situations are different every time and we have many appendages such as the thigh, the leg, the foot, the hand, the shoulder. It hurts when you shoot.

There have been many outrageous shootings, an old black man who ran because he was frightened shot in the back, a black man who was choked to death by police , a black man who’s neck was broken and had to be dragged and the child who was playing with a toy gun in a park shot to death.

Who came up with the “Shoot to kill”?  This is not the Wild West, thinking is human and we are not ISIS shooting everything.

Officer Betty Shelby did what she was told to do, Terence Crutcher did not listen and he began walking toward his car. The officer knew he may be on drugs but did not take that into consideration Officer Betty Shelby should have Tazered him then and there.

Evil criminals, bank robbers, drug gangs, ISIS, pedophiles, the scum of the earth without the police we would be in dire straights so teach them to think.

Not all police are the same, just like society we are all different good and bad.

U.S. police killed at least 258 black people in 2016, according to a project by The Guardian that tracks police killings in America.

Thirty-nine of these people were unarmed. Four were killed by police stun guns and another nine died in custody, a continuing problem in American jails. But the majority of black people killed by police were fatally shot.

To serve and protect not fear and hate.