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What ever we do it will be wrong.

Twenty years ago my husband worked in Syria on the oil rigs. We were talking and he told me that the people who worked with him told him to be careful when you go out alone never eye the woman as they will kill you as their culture and mentality is a thousand years behind and has never changed even though they have guns, electricity, and the products of our world their culture does now allow for change of any kind and that probably shows us why Assad kills his own people who are more enlightened and want to change.

In Libya he told me about the huge food stores with a whole aisle of ketchup and nothing else and other items were the same a whole aisle full of tinned coffee.

The Americans always got top dollar over all the other countries even Canada when it came to wages. So you can see why those from the country you were working in were ticked off.

The ISIS mentality does not have what we call empathy, women seem like their harvest for babies, and love well I don’t know. I can’t believe they do not love.  Mohammed loved his wife very much and she was a business woman and older so what the heck they are playing at using his name to fight a war is repulsive because they make up a religion casting a bad light on those who are good Muslims.

Our greed has put us in situations we should not have been in or in countries we never should have never gone to and once we have been used and we have used them then the trouble begins.

An Afghanistan family moved in over the road and we waved to them and they waved back and invited us in for tea. No one could speak English but we managed and the family was really lovely. As time went by they started to wear our clothes and when it was their feast days they would bring food over for us to eat. I smiled when I saw the mum in white short heels and nice dress and handbag as they set off for Heritage Days, a yearly weekend where all the countries get together here in Edmonton Canada and celebrate with food and dancing from each of the 190 countries. All the costumes music and food makes you feel proud of your country Canada.

My friends in the photo come from eleven different countries over fifty years.



A chemical weapons attack on children die at his hands, he killed dozens of people on Tuesday, leaving residents gasping for breath and convulsing in the streets and overcrowded hospitals.

Who cares? If this man had died six years ago be would not have worldwide refugees. Assad blames ISIS and yes they have been fighting in Syria but they crept in when the dictator turned on his own people. Evil is this serpent.

Bashar al-Assad of Syria and NouriKamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq.

We have heard it in the movies, “One died so many can live”.

Oh how I wish the cause of a problem could be eradicated.

Bashar-al-Assad started a war on his own people because they wanted democracy. He started a civil war against his own people. He bombed, gassed, gunned down, any who opposed him .Of course when the world began to see and open up their eyes he came out his hole and spoke that all he was doing was saving his country from ISIS, to cover up his war crimes. Why Putin joined him one will never know but it did not last. There is another joy in this world Putin!

Don’t think for one minute the USA had nothing to do with this. When the war finished in IRAQ the government put Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki as Prime Minister of Iraq between 2006 to 2014. He was a Shi’ite but he had political ambitions and dismissed the government’s leading Sunni and Kurdish figures, Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, accusing them of corruption that was untrue but Maliki started a genocide on Sunni’s he wanted to get rid of them all gunning them down in the market places anywhere they could be found. The Sunni’s were once a peaceable people but when they asked for help no one was listening except the fundamentalists, they said they would help fight back and called themselves ISIS. The devil nips in any chance he can.

Assad and Maliki are the epitome of the evil that started these wars, killing and destroying countries. Countries that gun down their own innocent people who love their country but cannot stay, how can they? So we end up with millions of refugees who are doctors’ teachers’ shop keepers, searching for a better life, leaving through no fault of their own, and end up facing Trump and his paranoid idea that every Muslim is evil and so bans them all. How amazing those guns are not banned in the USA. Rational has never been a choice.

Two mad men Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq forcing out people who in fear leave their home and apply to the USA only to face the wrath of Trump, White Supremacy, the KKK, Religious prejudice, hate where is the love.

Forget it the Devil rules this world and it would be so easy if we could remove the cancer before so many are killed.