The Supreme Court Is Considering a Case on How a Bankrupt Trump Casino Screwed Workers.

Thoughts Online.

MAY 26, 2016 4:17 PM

The high court is asked to restore lost pension and health benefits.

How soon we forget, how easy to brush the truth under the carpet, Trump is a billionaire he made billions not for the workers but for himself. The little fish who voted for him pandered to his ego and when you live for fame and attention the shark gobbles all who get in his way. There are not going to be coalmines opened , just as we are not going back we are looking toward the future in technology and when feather brain realizes then maybe he should build a DeVry school in the areas of the coal miners so they can be educated and find a real job  for the future. The should be given that chance and the government should pay for their tuition and maybe some…

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