We are losing many seeds from nature they are living embryo’s, and some farmers are trying their best to retain the seeds. In Iraq we blew up their seed bank for that area and all the seeds were lost forever. Seeds are food, and the diversity of food. The weather has a lot to do with it especially the drying of the land. The Hopi Nation has a corn adapted to drought and every plant seed is life. Saving, storing and sharing who care for life.

Seeds are so crafty some rely on fire to grow, some rely on being carried by animal fur and some seeds won’t grow without going through the gut first and come out as poop. The seed is a time capsule to bring the food forward.

Hybrid Seeds came and began to destroy the seeds as we know them and Bio Tech made a seed that would be dependent on Monsanto chemicals from the pharmaceutical company.

Bio Tech took over agriculture in Hawaii and began testing on the agriculture and spraying at night when the people were sleeping and people in surrounding areas right near a school were becoming sick,  when they started spraying, 140 kids fell ill and the parents fought back. Monsanto takes the seed changes a gene and patterned them forever. Now the Monsanto are suing the county in Hawaii to continue using the toxins in the area.

Some farmers now are fighting back and saving seeds and scanning the world for new seeds to grow while world seed travelers are finding new food crops in Africa.

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