My path to Heaven?

My friend asked me what life was all about and why are we here?

So I told her what I believe. We all evolve it is up to us if we want to learn. Everyone is unique and once we were all spirits all angels in Heaven.

There was a war in heaven started by Lucifer and this angered God and saddened him he threw all the angels out of heaven and they were in spiritual limbo.

God had a plan and eventually the world was made the Big Bang.

God made the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve spirits in new bodies.

  1. God gave them their own free will.
  2. That they were not to eat the fruit of the tree of life and knowledge.
  3. That they should go forth and multiply.

What did number 3 mean to them. Eve must have known that if she did not eat of the fruit they would not know what to do. Both were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

The world had everything for them to survive and they had three sons two who were called Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and down came Lucifer the bad part of us who was sent down to rule the world and he rules it very well.

Remember God gave us our own free will this means we can do whatever we want, good or bad.

In the New Testament God furthered his plan and sent down in a body just like us Jesus Christ who died for our sins so that we could return to Heaven if we so choose. If Jesus had not died for our sins we would still be in spiritual limbo. There are so many blessings we ignore Eve, Jesus. Had they not fulfilled the wish we would be lost.

Jesus died for our sins not for our stupidity for those who think they can do exactly as they want murder etc. and on their death bed ask for forgiveness without feeling sorry and no empathy.

I do feel there are many mansions in heaven there are so many religions.

Faith and hope are the gifts I have learnt in my life only from God.

19 thoughts on “My path to Heaven?

  1. Well you seem to have everything sorted out from day one, how the world and humans were created, heaven and angels, right up until we all die. Quite amazing really that one primitive and ancient religious scripture and the accompanying dogma among many others over many thousands of years has all the answers and knows everything that modern science cannot answer.

    Have you heard that if something appears too good to be true? You will know the old story, it probably is. And because something cannot be proven and defies common sense and logical explanation, it more than likely means it is not true.

    Cognitive science is a reality and biological evolutionary principles are well established as been factual for over 150 years by the overwhelming majority of the worlds scientists in many different fields.

    I am glad you have a crutch to assist you through life, however I feel that a lifetime of delusion is a waste of a very precious life.


    • I don’t have a crutch I have freedom although the idea of your condescend attitude toward anyone who believes in a different way is insulted for what they believe. Life is not logic there are scientists who do believe.


      • My condescending attitude? You completely ignore the progress man has made and announce you are explaining what reality is because you know exactly how it all happened whereas all the highly intelligent career scientists are either lying or in a conspiracy against your religion.

        I think all of mankind who are not indoctrinated in a religious ideology and at least 90% of all the worlds dedicated scientists should be insulted at the ridiculous beliefs that people force feed to young children.

        Creationist scientists are a disgrace to the scientific communities but I do agree life is not always ruled by logic, however until the logic is completely disproven it is the most common sense conclusion is it not?

        If you have to believe in something mythological that you have to remain subservient too for the rest of your life, you have absolutely no idea what reality or freedom of thought is.


    • The number one reason I hate religions is the indoctrination process of children. They tried to indoctrinate me at Sunday school when I was a kid and I find that now as an adult it is an abhorrent act that happens in most religions. Children in strong religious families are psychologically and emotionally vulnerable and have their basic human right of freedom to choose how they want to live their life taken away. It is nothing less than a mentally abusive process. Many ex-Christians including ex-priests of many years have testified to the mental anguish they have suffered over many years and the consequential effects on their lives. I also have many other issues that I could go on about but I will save you from that.

      To change the subject. I have been to Blockhouse Bay in Auckland city many times, however it, just like the rest of the country has changed so much I doubt I could even find the place now.

      Finally I will ask if you really have weighed up the chances that you have had your thinking altered through indoctrination? You will not actually know that you have, because your interaction with God is so compellingly real. But here lies the power of the human mind.


      • I don’t want to go round and round but indoctrination reminds me of ISIS and I left all the religions and have not been to church for years ago. You seem so angry about it all and there must be something more. How do you comfort yourself?


  2. I have indicated that religions are trying to subvert children’s minds and their future. Indoctrination in various minor forms such as advertising and political doctrines effect all of us to some extent, however, religious indoctrination is about preying on children when they are so young that they are still being potty trained. I have read many older ex-Christian accounts of the psychological trauma that has effected their lives.

    Christians think indoctrination is the will of their God and good for children especially some parents who ceremoniously and repetitiously hang their ideology around their children’s necks for what often becomes a millstone for much of their life.

    I comfort myself with a cold beer, but have the knowledge that I have done my best on the blogs such as yours to help identify this problem and many others regarding religions, as a good atheist should.

    ISIS recruits are radicalised by extremists and that is a step further up from indoctrination


      • “ads also indoctrinate us daily”
        That is true and the advertising that I mentioned. This is a mild indoctrination that comes directly or through subliminal messages to buy their product, and of course if it costs you money you will decide if you need the product or not and discard the information. Unfortunately, there is nothing to decide for children systematically indoctrinated into an ideology. The cost? Their lives.


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