Looking at Melania beautiful dressed in pale blue the thought came to mind of Trumps manipulation toward her and that trap of servitude surrounding her and close companions his family because he is a billionaire.

Trump strode up the steps to the White House alone his curtesy was toward the outgoing President while Melania walked round the car carrying a present alone following steps behind certainly different to the last President whose hand was firmly gripped to the first lady as they both walked in together.
The inauguration dance was so cold as Trump and Melania danced stiffly and stoic like two wooden tops with hardly a glance between them. Trump was good at giving wooden kisses to his dutiful wife when he signed in as President surrounded by his family as show of solidarity.
Melania has already been ridiculed for her similar speech: forced to face cameras and stand elegantly by her husband who seemed occupied!
Donald Trump broke most of the Ten Commandments on his campaign trail the abusive words toward minorities, women, soldiers who died for the USA, disabled, prisoners of war, the media, and now not showing his tax returns.
Is Trump verbally abusive toward his own family, do they live in fear, are those irrational outbursts only for the world or does the wind bag manage those who he manipulates to do exactly as he wants or lay down his verbal façade outside the door of Trump Tower?

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