Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq.


We have heard it in the movies, “One died so many can live”.

Oh how I wish the cause of a problem could be eradicated.

Bashar-al-Assad started a war on his own people because they wanted democracy. He started a civil war against his own people. He bombed, gassed, gunned down, any who opposed him .Of course when the world began to see and open up their eyes he came out his hole and spoke that all he was doing was saving his country from ISIS, to cover up his war crimes. Why Putin joined him one will never know but it did not last. There is another joy in this world Putin!

Don’t think for one minute the USA had nothing to do with this. When the war finished in IRAQ the government put Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki as Prime Minister of Iraq between 2006 to 2014. He was a Shi’ite but he had political ambitions and dismissed the government’s leading Sunni and Kurdish figures, Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, accusing them of corruption that was untrue but Maliki started a genocide on Sunni’s he wanted to get rid of them all gunning them down in the market places anywhere they could be found. The Sunni’s were once a peaceable people but when they asked for help no one was listening except the fundamentalists, they said they would help fight back and called themselves ISIS. The devil nips in any chance he can.

Assad and Maliki are the epitome of the evil that started these wars, killing and destroying countries. Countries that gun down their own innocent people who love their country but cannot stay, how can they? So we end up with millions of refugees who are doctors’ teachers’ shop keepers, searching for a better life, leaving through no fault of their own, and end up facing Trump and his paranoid idea that every Muslim is evil and so bans them all. How amazing those guns are not banned in the USA. Rational has never been a choice.

Two mad men Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq forcing out people who in fear leave their home and apply to the USA only to face the wrath of Trump, White Supremacy, the KKK, Religious prejudice, hate where is the love.

Forget it the Devil rules this world and it would be so easy if we could remove the cancer before so many are killed.


My path to Heaven?

My friend asked me what life was all about and why are we here?

So I told her what I believe. We all evolve it is up to us if we want to learn. Everyone is unique and once we were all spirits all angels in Heaven.

There was a war in heaven started by Lucifer and this angered God and saddened him he threw all the angels out of heaven and they were in spiritual limbo.

God had a plan and eventually the world was made the Big Bang.

God made the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve spirits in new bodies.

  1. God gave them their own free will.
  2. That they were not to eat the fruit of the tree of life and knowledge.
  3. That they should go forth and multiply.

What did number 3 mean to them. Eve must have known that if she did not eat of the fruit they would not know what to do. Both were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

The world had everything for them to survive and they had three sons two who were called Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and down came Lucifer the bad part of us who was sent down to rule the world and he rules it very well.

Remember God gave us our own free will this means we can do whatever we want, good or bad.

In the New Testament God furthered his plan and sent down in a body just like us Jesus Christ who died for our sins so that we could return to Heaven if we so choose. If Jesus had not died for our sins we would still be in spiritual limbo. There are so many blessings we ignore Eve, Jesus. Had they not fulfilled the wish we would be lost.

Jesus died for our sins not for our stupidity for those who think they can do exactly as they want murder etc. and on their death bed ask for forgiveness without feeling sorry and no empathy.

I do feel there are many mansions in heaven there are so many religions.

Faith and hope are the gifts I have learnt in my life only from God.

Danny Trejo

Character actor.

There is one character actor who has a fascinating face and background. In this age of instant judgement, we decide what kind of person is by their looks whatever they look like. Danny made his face his fortune but it took a while, and what an interesting story, it should be told to the youth of today who suffer from the syndrome of ‘Ken and Barbie’, in fact bullying kills the youth because they have fragile egos.

God puts us here on earth with many opportunities I truly believe Danny Trejo could help even if he feels he could not write a book that would inspire and mentor; there are those who write while you record. Danny if you read this please write your biography?



Trump in Words.

Socially Inept–Disruptive–Morally lacking–Contempt– EmotionallyAbusive—Cruel—Mentally Unfit—Narcissism—Grandiosity—Adulterer—Temperament—Dispassionate—Aggressive—Disgusting—Unsympathetic—Social Ambition—Angry—Politically Oppressive—Risky Decisions—Business Bankruptcies—Disagreeableness—Incensitive—Cunning—Callous—Cynical—Untrustworthy—Extreme—Ruthless—Threatening—Explosive—Crude—Authoritarian—Suspicious—Militaristic—Pejudiced—Impure—Mortal Threat—Foul Mouthed—Dangerous—Personal Schema—Cajoling Lawmakers—Manipulative—Unethical Behavior—Obnoxious—Grandiose—Personal Disorder—Environmentally Lacking—Abrasive—Grandiose—Pompous—Dictatorial—Supercilious—Patronizing—Conceited—Egotistic—Brazen—Beligerant—Uncooth—Oafish–Sanctamonious

The Constitution: Gun Control.

Gun control 300 years old

Created: September 17, 1787 written over 230 years ago when guns were needed for protection and hunting for food. The gun was necessary.

Owning a gun today in 2017 is not a right it is a need for the person who thinks only of themselves and not as a citizen of the USA. Caring for the nation does not matter anymore.

I do believe people have the right to have a gun when they enjoy hunting and live off the grid in remote places they are needed but that does not mean that having a gun is a right.

People in built up areas do not need a gun to find food in a shopping mall. I remember the story of the Chinese student who was lost and knocked on a door for directions and was shot how sad was that.

Having guns brings out the hate and drives the angry to enter schools, malls, church, movie theatres, and clubs killing innocent people.

You have to have a license to drive a car, fly a plane, start a business; in fact we have licenses for many professional jobs. We should have a license to own a gun and have it renewed just like a car license. Common sense should be a part of the Constitution for those who insist they have a right to have a gun having a gun is a privilege and should be vetted and licensed in 2017.

We know professionals, the military, police etc. need guns. Teens and the public do not and being paranoid is the fear of people who have guns and teens who are unsupervised finding the cash of family guns in their house  and for a mad moment in anger go out and kill just because they can.